FNaF6 Plush: Baby's Baby is the first episode of FNaF6 Plush

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King Baby is worried that if she dies one day, then who was gonna take over the kingdom with her gone. Nightmare Foxy suggests friends like Ennard but Baby dissagrees with it. So she suggests that she and Nightmare Foxy have a baby. 9 months later Baby is in bed and Toy Freddy comes up and says that her child will be here shortly. King Baby is exited but then what seams to be many years later, Scrap Baby (Baby's Baby) is mad at King Baby and throws exotic butters at her. Baby had enough and tells Scrap Baby to stop being mad, but she wont. This angers Nightmare Foxy and he a said wall (a long one). That upsets Scrap Baby and she runs away crying (I dont know why but it's Froakies story, i'm only making the wiki of it). Baby is upset that her daughter ran away and started crying as well. Nightmare Foxy said that Scrap Baby will come back soon, and that cheers her up. Then it cuts to Scrap Baby hiding around a corner asking herself where is she gonna live. Then she sees Golden Freddy around the corner. Golden Freddy asks her if she wants to meet new friends. Scrap Baby says she never met new friends before. Then it ends with Golden Freddy laughing.